Everyone knows that there are some large variations between men and women, equivalent to menstruation and the reproductive system – however how a lot do we actually learn about these variations?

It appears some men know little or no about these items as was confirmed just lately in a hilarious/enlightening thread on Twitter.

A consumer named @brownandbella posted a tweet asking individuals to ship her the ‘dumbest’ factor a person had ever stated to them about intervals, intercourse and their reproductive well being.

She wrote: “Girls, what’s the dumbest factor a person ever stated to you about intercourse, reproductive well being, menstruation, and many others? Reply with a remark under, no quote RTs.

“Let’s chortle at these dummies collectively!”

Many men do not appear to know how intervals work


Greater than 20,000 individuals appreciated her publish, with many responding and their feedback may simply shock you.

One woman stated: “A man in his 30s recently asked me why when we have a period it has to be blood that comes out. Literally had no understanding of what a period was. At over 30 years old. Amazing.”

Megan commented: “I told a guy it’s good manners to ask if the woman came. He said, ‘Did you?’ I told him I hadn’t. His response? ‘I know some women can’t the first time for emotional reasons’.”

A 3rd replied: “A person I do know was satisfied his daughter was having intercourse as a result of her breasts and hips grew over the summer season. Threatened to take her telephone, lock her within the house and many others.

“She was only a 13 12 months outdated going via puberty. He thought intercourse made her physique develop.”


A consumer named Joyslin posted: “I bled a *little* on a man whereas having intercourse in school and apologized once I seen. He screamed at me that this ‘can solely occur when you will have an std’, kicked me out of his dorm, and fb messaged me accusing me of giving him AIDS for like a month.

“He was a med pupil.”

One other shared an odd argument she had together with her ex-boyfriend.

“After I returned from per week lengthy women journey my ex accused me of dishonest,” she said. “After I requested why was he tripping he stated as a result of he noticed me pack my contraception drugs in my toiletry bag and why would I want them if I didn’t plan on having intercourse. Sir, you imply the drugs I’ve to take DAILY?!”

In the meantime, a sixth girl shared this hilarious line: “One time a man swore to me {that a} woman’s G-spot strikes and it was a person’s job to repeatedly attempt to and discover this floating G-spot that’s at all times in a unique place.”

After which there was this surprising remark: “I used to be in theatre doing a C-section when the (male) anesthetist stated that women do not deserve ache medication after they give beginning, as we’ve got to pay for the Sins Of Eve. He stated those getting CS are ‘dishonest the system’.

“He gives anesthesia in a maternity hospital for a living.”

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