A woman who proudly showed off her new yellow rug online has been mocked when people claimed it looked just like a Greggs steak bake.

The rug owner shared a picture to the DIY on a Budget Official page on Facebook, keen to show others the new show-stopping addition to her home.

She captioned the post “love my new rug” – in the hopes that avid DIYers in the group would appreicate it as much as she does, reported Daily Star.

But this wasn’t exactly what the group’s 1.9 million followers thought when they saw it.

Instead, they couldn’t help but point out the striking resemblance the rug has with a Gregg’s steak bake.

She was hoping other would love her new purchase too

One person said: “At some point I’d probably try eating the rug after a big night out.”

Another added: “It does look like a big steak bake lol.”

And: “Wouldn’t want to be on a diet and looking at that rug all day” said a third.

Everyone thought it looked like a Greggs steak bake

But it didn’t stop there.

The picture was then shared to Twitter, where the Revolution Breakfast account wrote: “Woah. A steak bake rug.”

Since then it has received over 840 likes and numerous comments from people who also thought the resemblance was uncanny.

One commented: “Looks like a Greggs pasty. (This really is a positive thing).”

Another joked: “Sausage and bean and I’m keen.”

A third also added: “At first glance I thought that actually was a steak bake photo shopped on to a floor.”

And we can’t quite unsee it ourselves.

Food-chain Greggs has started to reopen hundreds of its restaurants across the Uk after being forced to close as a result of the coronavirus lockdown.

Bizarre news from Mirror Online

To reduce the risk of the spread of the virus, Greggs have put a number of health and safety restrictions in place.

Customers will only be able to pay for items on the limited menu with card and only one person per household is able to enter the store at one time to stay in line with the government’s social distancing rules.

All employees will also be wearing personal protective equipment including face masks and gloves.

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