Watch when Anthony Joshua was put on spot by awkward question from little girl during visit to Nigeria slum

Anthony Joshua was mobbed by supporters when he visited the Makoko slum in Lagos, Nigeria last July.

The unified heavyweight champion had just been dethroned by Andy Ruiz Jr at the time and travelled to Nigeria to spend time with his family who originated from the country.

Despite apparently being warned against it, AJ took a period during his trip to visit Makoko.

He filmed part of this experience and showed himself receiving a hero’s welcome as he entered the neighbourhood.

Other clips later appeared on Nigerian news outlets as Joshua hosted an impromptu press conference with locals.

One little girl claimed the microphone and bravely said: “I’d like to ask why you’re boxing for Britain and not for Nigeria.”


Joshua was flanked by both the British and Nigerian flags before his fight with Ruiz

The 29-year-old initially balked at the awkward question, surrounded by an entire village of Nigerians, but then went on to explain his story.

“My mum and my dad were born in Nigeria,” AJ began, “Then when they were 25 they went to London.

“I was born and I started boxing at 18. I came back to Nigeria many times when I was younger.

“And then one day my mum put me in boarding school [in Nigeria].”

AJ also has a tattoo of Africa on his arm


AJ also has a tattoo of Africa on his arm

Joshua’s time at the boarding school did not last and he returned to the UK by the time he was a teenager.

He proudly represents both the British and Nigerian flags and is not shy about paying homage to his African roots with a tattoo of the continent on his right arm.


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