Fishermen from Kenya’s Budalang’i and Funyula constituencies have claimed that Ugandan policemen have on numerous events pressured them to eat uncooked fish as punishment.

The fishermen who’re pressured to eat uncooked fish say the ordeal is carried out at gunpoint.

Typically Uganda’s marine policemen arrest fishermen from Kenya who cross into Uganda waters to fish.

Every day Nation reported that the Uganda officers topic the fishermen to this type of punishment for “crossing boundaries in Lake Victoria and using illegal fishing gear in Ugandan waters.”

These arrested are reportedly taken to camps on an island on the Ugandan facet and pressure them to eat their catch.

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In some cases boats, engines, fishing gear and harvest belonging to the Kenyan fishermen are confiscated.

The fishermen additionally allege that they’re generally pressured to “carry luggage on their backs and forced to go up and down the island hills several times.”

One fisherman is quoted by Every day Nation as saying that “It is inhumane for Ugandan officers to subject us to eat raw fish at gunpoint.”

“They also take away and destroy our boats and nets yet we have spent a lot of money to purchase the gear,” he added.

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The fishermen are actually urging the Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to interact his counterpart in Uganda Yoweri Museveni to finish the cruel therapy.

Many African international locations share borders alongside their waters and it has usually change into troublesome for fishermen to establish such border traces.

However with the surge in unlawful fishing in some African international locations marine police officers are additionally deploying new methods to fight unlawful fishing strategies of their waters.




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