A brand new era of traders is getting the impression that proudly owning particular person shares might be “fun and it can be rewarding,” CNBC’s Jim Cramer stated Monday.

The prior demographic, significantly the millennial cohort, discovered that purchasing particular person shares is “too risky,” he stated, because of the skyrocketing valuations of web corporations earlier than the flip of the century. That is when folks gravitated towards buy-and-hold index funds, he added.

The secret is understanding what you personal, Cramer stated.

“This idea that investing can be fun is a throwback, not to the dotcom bubble in 1999, but to the ’80s and ’90s, where you had some incredible bull runs and no one thought it was just horrible and stupid to like stocks,” the “Mad Money” host stated. “And if that’s the case, well guess what: the rally could last a lot longer than most people expect.”

Citing the motion that gave each the Dow Jones Industrial Common and S&P 500 0.9% features, and the Nasdaq Composite a 0.62% transfer, Cramer stated the winners had one factor in widespread.

“They’re fun. They’re companies you know or can learn about,” he stated, “and you can happily buy them into weakness if you’ve done the homework and you believe in their prospects.”

Millennials are actually investing in lots of corporations that they acknowledge — assume Past Meat, Revolve, Chewy, and Pinterest — which have not too long ago gone public. They’re being drawn to no-commission buying and selling, Cramer stated.

Past Meat may “meet its match” in Tyson Meals this week when the meat big jumps into the faux-meat area, “but so much of the stock has been sold short that I don’t even know if it will matter,” Cramer stated.

Chewy is a subscription economic system play on the humanization of pets, an area that Cramer known as “one of the great trends of our era.”

“Ask the people who got in on that IPO, fabulous IPO. They’re having fun,” he stated.

Iconic family manufacturers are additionally again in type on the Wall Avenue trend present, Cramer stated, pointing to Procter & Gamble, Estee Lauder, PepsiCo, McDonald’s, Disney, and Starbucks.

“I know most of these are classic slowdown stocks — when they all move up together, [some] are going to say a recession must be around the corner,” Cramer stated. “However, at the moment I think their strength has much more to do with the fact that they’re well-run companies with huge buybacks, great balance sheets, good dividends and are working.”

The FAANG group — Fb, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google-parent Alphabet — “feels like it’s making a comeback,” Cramer stated.

A brand new class of cloud computing shares are sizzling, Cramer stated. The host has been finding out up the so-called cloud kings of Workday, Adobe, Salesforce, Splunk, ServiceNow, and VMWare. He stated different smaller names resembling Okta, Zscaler, Zendesk, Coupa, and others serving to companies increase productiveness additionally want some consideration.

After the Salesforce and Tableau Software program merger final week, some traders are betting that Alphabet might must make a transfer, Cramer stated.

“Write down those stocks I just mentioned. They are all possible targets,” he stated.

“We’re told that fun is a classic sign of a top,” he stated. “That’s absolutely true in the long run, but I don’t think we’re there yet. Not everything is moving. You still need to be selective with your stock picking. It’s not like this is a euphoric moment — three weeks ago the averages were getting crushed.”