Success they say will not come on a silver platter but it will always take a dent of hard work for one to achieve.

That is the story of a Ghanaian single mother who defied all odds in-spite of all the challenges she had to go through to achieve her dream job.

The success journey of Felicia Edem Attipoe whose dream was to reach greatness was duly noticed in her home country.

She has been honoured with Ghana Most Inspiring Women’s Award in Accra.

Ms Attipoe at age 23, became a single mom. She lost her marriage after travelling outside the country with her husband.

Before she left with her then husband, she had worked for the Ghana civil aviation authority as a secretary for eight years.

But she had to come back home and worked her way through to the Ghana civil aviation authority again.

This time round she was transferred to the ramp section as a secretary at the marshallers office.

Felicia Edem Attipoe was filled with a lot of pain and bitterness. At the time she was going through a divorce process in court but never gave up on her dream.

Felicia Edem Attipoe
Felicia Edem Attipoe at work.

From grass to grace

Life became so difficult for her to the extent that she needed to resort to selling porridge (Koko).

That was aside her normal job just to take care of herself and her child.

Attipoe pursued her Bachelor of Arts degree program at the Africa University College of communications.

She holds a diploma in photography from Temple University, Japan.

She also has certificates in Aerodrome safety, certificate in marshalling and radio telephony from the aviation school.

While schooling at the aviation school, she had the courage to prove to her bosses beyond all reasonable doubt why she thinks she qualifies to be an aircraft marshaller, a job that is known to be for only men.

But she failed to make the pass mark on three occasions to be an aircraft Mashaller.

Fortunately luck smiled on her as she was added to the trainees after fully convincing her bosses.

She got the pass mark of 50 percent to get the job she had always dreamt of.

With dent of hard work, determination and perseverance, she was able to rise through the ranks and was duly recognised at the maiden edition of the Ghana most Inspiring Women’s award as she received the accolade as the most Inspiring woman in aviation in Ghana.




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