Ghanaian sculptor, Kwame Akoto-Bamfo is passionate concerning the historical past of Africa and desires to denounce the horrific slavery period related to the continent.

As an out of doors sculpture he has devoted his life work to the reminiscence of the victims of the slave commerce.

Ghana is a crucial nation within the slave commerce period many centuries in the past.

The nation was one of many key exploitative areas on the continent the place Africans had been imprisoned, kidnapped and compelled into slavery.

Akoto-Bamfo is utilizing his expertise to create what he calls the Ancestor Venture.

The mission has an set up of 1,200 concrete heads representing Ghana’s enslaved ancestors.

The cultural activist in a current interview advised the BBC that he’s “trying to portray what our ancestors went through, trying to immerse in the enslavement experience all cut across 400 years.”

The Ghanaian sculpture creating portraits of the useless 1
Picture: Arteide / Fb

He defined that his portraits have “various people from different tribes. We have various states in which they were before they were captured.”

“There were those who were prisoners of war there those who were just purely kidnapped. There were those who were coerced. There were those who were clueless as to what was really happening,” he added.

The Ghanaian sculpture creating portraits of the useless 2
Picture: Arteide / Fb

A few of his portraits are human heads of the useless and Akoto-Bamfo explains that he’s utilizing human heads “because the art itself is paying homage to our ancient Akan practice of creating portrait of the dead.”

The Ghanaian sculpture creating portraits of the useless 3
Picture: Twitter/ Kwame Otispic

His work in reminiscence of the victims of the Transatlantic slave commerce is on show on the Nationwide Memorial for Peace and Justice that opened in 2018 in Montgomery, Alabama.

Abolishment of slave commerce

The slave commerce was established as early because the mid-17th century. Buying and selling ships would set sail from Europe with a cargo of manufactured items to the west coast of Africa.

Britain outlawed slavery in 1833 nevertheless it was abolished within the USA after the defeat of the Confederacy within the Civil Battle in 1865.

The Ghanaian sculpture creating portraits of the useless 4
Picture: Arteide /Fb

Regardless of that the transatlantic commerce in African slaves continued. The primary marketplace for the slaves was Brazil, the place slavery was not abolished till 1888.

The Atlantic slave commerce or transatlantic slave commerce concerned the transportation by slave merchants of enslaved African individuals, primarily to the Americas.




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