A teen who put a puppy on her Christmas wish list only to be told it was ‘never going to happen’ found a brilliant way to win her mum round.

All dog-mad Kayla Severi wanted this year was a Staffordshire bull terrier puppy and despite telling her mum Melissa she wanted one ‘more than anything in the world’, her request was turned down.

Determined to make her own Christmas miracle, the 18-year-old drafted an hilarious CV and cover letter to set out exactly why she was qualified for the role of taking care of a good doggo.

Her CV included claims of excellent time management skills, ‘hella money’ to cover the costs of the dog, and the all-important qualities of love and kindness.

Incredibly, Kayla’s efforts paid off and her mum gave in to her pleas, allowing her to pick out and buy her very own puppy to bring home in time for Christmas.

The teen worked hard all year to be able to afford to look after a dog

Kayla, from Sydney, said: “I have two family dogs already, but my friend sent me a Snapchat of his cousin who is selling some puppies.

“I’ve been wanting one for ages and it’s Christmas, so I finally got the money from working all year and I feel like I’m old enough now to have my own dog and care for it.

“I live with mum, so at the end of the day it’s her house and her rules and if she doesn’t want a puppy, I won’t be able to get one.

“She already said that it wasn’t going to happen, but I didn’t want to give up that easily.

She says she is ‘happier than ever’ now she has Bandit

Her creative CV impressed her mum enough to let her get a puppy

“I decided that my best chances for her to say yes was if I asked her in a really creative way.

“So, I wrote an 800-word essay about statistics on how a puppy would benefit my mental health and also boost my companionship, responsibility and money-handling skills.

“I made a resume and cover letter as well, just to show her that I’d be well suited for the role of a responsible dog owner.

“I went to the shops and bought her some lollies as well, just to put her in an even better mood.”

The teen said when her mum first saw the application she burst out laughing and stood firm on her answer of no, but gave in after reading the CV and cover letter in detail.

She set out all the reasons why she would be a responsible dog owner

Kayla, who works as a pizza maker, is now the proud owner of adorable little Bandit and is happier than ever.

She explained: “When [her mum] got home, I’d laid out the lollies and my work on the kitchen table, and then I asked her there and then for a puppy.

“She walked in and saw it and just said ‘hell no!’ and started laughing. I just said but I really want it and asked her to have a look at everything I’d done.

“She finally gave in. It took a lot of convincing, me just asking her wasn’t really enough so I had to try extra hard.

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“I honestly didn’t expect my idea to work, but figured it was worth a try.

“Everyone has completely fallen in love with him and I’m so happy I had the silly idea to make a resume and cover letter.

“I’d definitely recommend this to other kids for their parents. It worked on my mum, so you never know – it could work on other people too!”

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