t mobile ceo john legere mike sievertT-Mobile

T-Mobile CEO John Legere, who has led the carrier for the past seven years, announced this morning he will leave that position on May 1, 2020. Mike Sievert, who is currently T-Mobile’s President and Chief Operating Officer, will take over from Legere as both President and CEO on that date. Legere will remain as a board member of T-Mobile.

In a post on his Twitter account, Legere stated that this decision has been in the works “for a long time”. He added in T-Mobile’s official press release that Sievert is “is well prepared to lead T-Mobile into the future.” For his part, Sievert stated that “the Un-carrier culture, which all our employees live every day, will not change” under his leadership.

Previous to taking over as CEO of T-Mobile, Legere worked in executive positions at AT&T and Dell. He was CEO of Global Crossing, a telecommunications company, from 2001 to 2011, when it was acquired by Level 3 Communications. He was named as CEO of T-Mobile in September 2012.

Legere and the “Un-carrier” era of T-Mobile

During his time as leader of T-Mobile, Legere launched a number of changes to the carrier’s plans and services, under its “Un-carrier” initiatives. They included ditching phone contracts in favor of financing headsets, along with allowing customers to trade in certain phones early for faster upgrades. It also added free access to Netflix for certain subscribers and “T-Mobile Tuesday” rewards like free or discounted movie tickets.

Those efforts and others caused more people to sign up for T-Mobile. During Legere’s tenure as CEO, T-Mobile’s subscriber numbers caused it to go up from the fourth to the third largest wireless carrier in the US, ahead of Sprint. It currently has  84.2 million customers.