Simon Jordan wants the Premier League to become ‘the Netflix of football’ and launch their own streaming service for supporters.

With football fans in the UK unhappy with rising Sky and BT subscription costs, the talkSPORT pundit believes he has found the answer to keep customers happy and generate even more revenue for the English game.

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Would you happily pay £9-a-month to watch Premier League football online?

Some fans are paying over £60 per month to watch Premier League games broadcast across Sky Sports and BT Sport.

But the future could look very different with the rise of online streaming platforms.

Internet shopping giants Amazon will soon launch their own Premier League coverage, having muscled in on the rights race with a three-year deal worth £90million which will see them show 20 live games, spread over two rounds of fixtures – starting this December.

And Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to watch these matches without additional charge.

The Premier League and its teams heavily rely on broadcasting revenue, with bosses agreeing a deal in 2015 that run until 2019 that was worth £5.14bn.

But talkSPORT pundit Simon Jordan believes the Premier League can blow those figures out of the water, while also giving fans a cheaper and more effective service, by launching their own worldwide product online.

Simon Jordan says the Premier League should launch their own service to stop TV rights holders from ripping off fans

Simon Jordan says the Premier League should launch their own service to stop TV rights holders from ripping off fans

Speaking on Sunday’s Final Word, the former Crystal Palace owner said: “I think they’ve got to become their own broadcaster, set up their own platform and become a VOD – video on demand – broadcaster.

“Then they would be able to remove the price parameters people are resisting now with the traditional broadcasters.

“People are churning off Sky and they’re churning off BT because they don’t want to pay £75 or £80 a month, they don’t think it’s justified.

“If you brought in a Netflix of football, got 100million subscribers around the world paying £9 a month, you’d have no churn because no one would be able to resist that price point.

“You’d bring in £11billion every year rather than £8.1billion every three years, and you’d build a model that would have enormous revenues, sustainability capital grown and an unbelievable reach.”

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