Abubakar Ba Matsala’s store in Katsina metropolis in northern Nigeria is a well-liked cease for women – younger and previous, from excessive or low revenue households.

The dealer say as much as 100 women come by each day they usually often after one factor – “Kayan Mata” or “women’s things.” Locals consider the mixtures, ointments and powders improve women’s sexual attraction.

Within the deeply conservative and predominantly Muslim north of Nigeria, intercourse and something to do with it’s taboo. Islamic students discourage the usage of the so-called aphrodisiacs, which they view as an unnatural means of accelerating sexual pleasure. And but, each men and women frequent the little market stalls that inventory them.

The potions that Ba Matsala sells declare to do all the pieces from firming women’s breasts to, tightening vaginas and boosting sexual energy and pleasure.

The elements are pure, he insists, although his recipes appear removed from native and barely daunting. “This is the penis of a penguin,” he says. “We dry it and make into powder, we then spice it with honey and it can then be inserted into the vagina.”

Nigerian women flip to 'aphrodisiac' for completely happy marriage 1
An aphrodisiac store

Balaraba, one among Ba Matsala’s prospects, says she has been utilizing the aphrodisiacs for years. “I use a cotton bud to put the medicine into my vagina,” she says. “I do this three to four times a month and my husband is happy with me because I am sure when I insert the herbal lotion I become a new woman.”

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For lots of the women, the intention is to forestall their husbands from marrying a further wife as Islam permits. Balaraba believes that Ba Matsala’s potions improve her husband’s sexual need and endurance whereas having intercourse.

“Sometimes we spend 30 to 40 minutes before we finish the first round, and the second round may even last up to an hour,” she gloats. “I believe when a woman does this, she will maintain a good image in the eyes of her husband.”

Docs warn in regards to the results

What’s in these so-called medicines is usually tough to inform. A research performed on the College of Kano’s division of Nursing Sciences and Utilized Well being Sciences confirmed that almost half the research members used native medication and aphrodisiacs.

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It additionally confirmed that there was no regulation of the so-called medicines and little or no information of what was really inside them.

It urged medical doctors, nurses and different medical employees to ask their sufferers about their use of conventional medication in addition to the necessity for additional research on the elements and their results on the physique.

Musa Garba Ruwan is a medical physician in Katsina. He says the security of the standard intercourse enhancers is questionable. “When you take something and put it inside yourself, you don’t know whether it could be irritating? What does it cause, what does it contain? For how long does the herbalist kept it in his home? Inside what bag or container did he keep it? It may contain a lot of germs, leading to things like pelvic inflammatory diseases. This can even cause infertility.”

The women, says Ruwan, ought to merely keep wholesome and use their allure to impress their husbands.

The shopowner talking to a woman about traditional herbs (DW/Z. Umar)
Within the conservative Muslim society, the usage of aphrodisiacs isn’t mentioned in public

The potions come at a price

Jummai, a mom of three, began utilizing the aphrodisiacs 10 years in the past. She says that she spends about 10,000 Naira ($27.74 or €24.56).

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To her, that’s the way in which to keep away from a polygamous marriage. “I don’t have a co-wife and I am not expecting my husband to get an additional wife. In the past my husband was planning to take additional wife but I ran to this herbalist and I can tell you by the time I came here the issue died a natural death,” she says.

Whereas talking about one’s bed room secrets and techniques is usually frowned upon, amongst one’s friends the subject of aphrodisiacs is a welcome subject of debate.

In a city sq. in Katsina, a bunch of married men are very happy to elaborate on it they usually additionally say that they know what their wives are as much as. “Husbands know their wives. So they notice any changes,” says Sararin Kuka, an aged Katsina resident.




Supply: DW / Zaharaddeen Umar

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