Hundreds of women in Nigeria on Wednesday marched to the Government House in Port Harcourt, protesting the killing of young women in hotels in Rivers State.

The women clad in black attire held placards with messages that called for an end to the killings.

At least, eight young women have been murdered in different hotels in the River state within the last two months.

Some of those killed are believed to be prostitutes, whose acts are considered illegal and often get no protection from police.

The protesters say everybody, including prostitutes, deserve the right to life and should not be killed in such a gruesome manner.

The protesters are hoping their agitations will result in changes and better protection for women.

They also say it is important that the state authorities and the police make the state safer for all residents.

Growing agitation

Since last week there have been activism across the state with some social media users resorting to the hashtag #ProtectPhGirls to express their concerns over recent wave of killings.



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