A mum has branded her husband an ‘idiot’ and refused to speak to him after he lied to her to take their children to see his parents despite the coronavirus crisis.

She says her in-laws had been hinting that they wanted to see their grandchildren, but she and her husband agreed it wasn’t worth the risk.

One of their children, aged three, has a lot of health issues and her husband suffers with asthma, so both may be more susceptible to the virus, as well as the grandparents due to their age.

The mum explains that her father-in-law had called to say they had some bananas to give them, which she branded a ‘stupid reason’ to drive all the way to visit their house to pick them up.

Her husband offered to take the children so they could nap in the car, and said it would give the mum so much-needed alone time.

Her husband promised they would have no contact with his parents (stock image)

The pair agreed that he would use hand sanitiser when picking up the food and wouldn’t have any contact with his parents.

She wrote: “Four hours later they arrived back home and one of the kids runs in and says, ‘We saw grandma and grandpa! I told daddy it was against the rules and you would be mad!’

“They had sat on a small front veranda, not practising social distancing, drank lemonade from cups the mother-in-law must have handled, and returned with two giant bags of Easter c**p.

She’s since blocked her mother-in-law on social media (stock image)

“His parents are super manipulative and he doesn’t see how planned this was – they had Easter c**p ready for the kids! They had 20+ bananas, still green! This was a setup, you idiot!!!”

In a now deleted Reddit post, she said she was no longer talking to her husband, was considering sleeping elsewhere in the home and had blocked her mother-in-law on social media, as reported by Kidspot.

Others said her anger was fully justified, with one replying: “Your husband behaved like a jacka**.

“Frankly, this WOULD be a dealbreaker for me. HE ENDANGERED YOUR CHILDREN’S LIVES – that’s about as bad as it gets.”

Another said: “All three of them have torpedoed their visiting arrangement, then, haven’t they? Because none of them can be trusted to have the children’s best interests at heart without your direct supervision. I’d be livid.”

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