For one day only, fast-food restaurant McDonald’s are extending their usual breakfast hours for their delicious pancakes and syrup.

The breakfast menu usually ends at 10.30am every day, but on Shrove Tuesday – better known as Pancake Day – customers will be able to buy its breakfast pancakes all day long.

Whilst a number of Brits up and down the country will be mixing up their batters and flipping their pancakes, others who are looking to avoid the mess can buy them ready-made at McDonald’s.

Each serving comes with three pancakes and syrup, coming in at £2.49 – although prices vary per branch.

McDonald’s are selling their breakfast pancakes all day

The offer is available until 11:59pm and can be ordered both in store and via UberEats.

And what’s more, is that UberEats are also offering free delivery, usually costing £3.50, all day – even if you don’t order any pancakes.

You just need to spend a minimum of £5 on the app and use the code “PANCAKESALLDAY” at the checkout.

Unfortunately, the pancake and sausage patty combo is only available until 11am.

McDonald’s for lunch, anyone?

A number of pancake lovers have taken to Twitter praising McDonald’s.

One said: “I’m so glad McDonalds are having all day pancakes because I’m too tired to go have them now so 6pm pancakes sounds like a plan”.

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And another said: “McDonalds are serving pancakes all day and Uber eats have free delivery, this is the best day ever”. 

McDonald’s have teamed up with DJ Charlie Sloth to showcase just some of the weird and wonderful ways you can spice up your classic pancakes.

Alongside rappers 2Wavey and Niisey, the trio came up with a Big Mac Pancake, a McFlurry Pancake Dip and a Pancake Select Bap and Wrap.

Can you come up with anything better?

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