We’ve all been guilty for overreacting when online searches convince us that relatively minor medical symptoms are sure to result in certain death.

Worrying signs are always worth getting checked out and it can be a real relief when it turns out there can be a simple fix to put us on the road to recovery.

If you’re ever reluctant to seek medical advice through fear of embarrassment, then you can take heart from the chances that you’re never likely to get it as wrong as poor Mark Shrayber.

Mark became concerned when he noticed his legs had begun to look blue in colour – and rightly so.

After looking up his symptoms on a popular health website, he decided it was better to be safe than sorry and headed to the emergency room.

It led to many others sharing their own embarrassing experiences

In a tweet which now has more than 160,000 likes, Mark shared the embarrassing tale of his experience when he arrived.

He wrote: “Went to the ER because ‘my legs have turned blue and Web MD says I have deep vein thrombosis’.

“Was this it? The big one?

“No! I have the ‘dumb**s who doesn’t wash his new jeans before wearing them’ disease and I would like to be executed immediately.”

While some laughed at Mark’s misfortune, a few other brave souls shared their own stories of when self-diagnosis had proved to be a little inaccurate.

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More quirky stories

@SLHDC racked up 10,000 likes when she wrote: “Went through a phase where I was seriously concerned I had a brain tumor or something because everything I ate – including things like pasta with marinara sauce – tasted like peppermint.

“Finally realized a bottle of peppermint extract had spilled all over my pots and pans.”

A mum replied to say: “Reminds me of the time I was about to take my 6 month old to the ER because his foot was purple.

“Turned out SOMEBODY forgot to add on his daycare sheet that they were doing foot print painting that day.”

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