Dating in this day and age usually takes place online – swiping left or right if we’re interested in their photos or bio.

The first message can make or break a conversation, with many deeming ‘how are you’ far too boring.

So one man came up with an interesting question to send to a Hinge match he was particularly keen on, asking her “What would you do if you were a man for the day”.

Ben, 25, told UniLad thought it would be an interesting way to get to know her a bit better – and he was right, as her response was absolute gold.

His match Charlotte replied: “What an opportunity. Spend 4/5 minutes getting ready, maybe not even wear a shirt cos f*ck it. P*ss whenever (or maybe wherever) for the novelty of standing up.

Charlotte’s response to Ben’s question

“Heavily come onto a load of men’s rights activists to make them uncomfortable. Definitely catcall them too.

“Keep scratching my balls in public. Sit everywhere with my legs spread wide open and not be judged. Ask someone to kick me in the balls so I know for a fact period pains are worse.

She said: “Do a very mediocre day’s work and get more praise and money for it”.

“Do a very mediocre day’s work and get more praise and money for it. F*** multiple people and not feel bad after. Or get sl*t shamed.

“End the day celebrating my privilege on a night out and not think twice about walking home after.

Before ending her rant with: “Bet you wish you’d never asked”.

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Bizarre news from Mirror Online

The post received 1,800 likes on Twitter, more 200 retweets and a number people commenting that she was a “genius” and “smart”, whilst a few others were less impressed.

One person said: “The stupidity of this person’s post.

“How about, more likely to die at work, become homeless and or suffer mental health issues that lead to committing suicide, longer prison sentences for committing the same offence as the opposite sex and less rights to our offspring in divorce”.

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