A well-liked technique for elevating IVF being pregnant charges by freezing embryos has been proven to supply no enchancment in a big trial.

Success charges after freezing all embryos for later switch have been no higher than conventional ‘recent’ embryo transfers, a randomised trial at eight clinics in Denmark, Sweden and Spain discovered.

“Our findings give no support to a general freeze-all strategy in normally menstruating women,” stated Dr Sacha Stormlund, from Copenhagen College Hospital in Denmark.

“The outcomes of this trial have been as we anticipated, particularly to see comparable being pregnant charges between the recent and freeze-all therapy teams.

“So I believe it could actually now plausibly be stated that there isn’t a indication for a basic freeze-all technique in women with common menstrual cycles who aren’t at instant threat of overstimulation in IVF.”

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Embryos being positioned onto a CryoLeaf prepared for immediate freezing utilizing a vitrification course of for IVF


The research was prompted by the rising development of freezing all embryos generated within the first cycle of being pregnant and transferring them after thawing in a later cycle.

This strategy has proved a well-liked different to utilizing recent embryos within the preliminary cycle.

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Some current studies from registries in Japan and USA have recommended that there are actually extra frozen embryo transfers in IVF than recent, with numbers nonetheless rising.

Nevertheless, regardless of the passion of clinics, the research exhibits there isn’t a statistically vital distinction in being pregnant end result or dwell delivery charges.

An embryo that has been frozen is positioned right into a long run storage chamber


Dr Stormlund added that the freeze-all strategy remains to be suggested as a security measure for IVF sufferers with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

In these circumstances, freezing the embryos seems to cut back the danger of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), which is the commonest complication of IVF.

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The findings of the trial, which concerned 460 IVF sufferers, have been introduced on the European Society of Human Copy and Embryology in Vienna, Austria.

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