The results of trendy expertise on the human physique is a topic of fascination for a lot of scientists.

From carpal tunnel syndrome and eye pressure to the situation generally known as “tech neck”, the detrimental results of prologued expertise use are properly documented.

Now one firm has created a 3D mannequin of a future human, primarily based on a few of these scientific predictions – and the result’s really horrifying.

Dubbed “Mindy”, the human of 2100 has a hunched again, attributable to hours sitting in entrance of a pc monitor on the workplace and craning her neck to take a look at smartphones.


Her neck muscle tissues have additionally grown to restrict the injury attributable to poor posture attributable to monitor and smartphone use.

“Spending hours looking down at your phone strains your neck and throws your spine off balance,” mentioned Caleb Backe, a well being and wellness skilled at Maple Holistics.

“Consequently, the muscle tissues in your neck need to expend further effort to help your head.

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“Sitting in entrance of the pc on the workplace for hours on finish additionally implies that your torso is pulled out in entrance of your hips fairly than being stacked straight and aligned.”


Mindy’s diversifications do not cease there. Her cranium has thickened, serving to to guard her mind from radiofrequency radiation emitted from smartphones – which some consider can have critical well being implications.

Her mind has additionally shrunk, primarily based on the current scientific principle {that a} sedentary life-style is decreasing human mind capability.

In the meantime, her hand has completely molded right into a claw-like grip and her elbow is bent to 90 levels, attributable to sustained intervals spent holding a smartphone.

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“The way we hold our phones can cause strain in certain points of contact – causing ‘text claw’ and ’90-degree elbow’ also known as the cubital tunnel syndrome,” mentioned Dr Nikola Djordjevic from Med Alert Assist.

“This syndrome is attributable to strain or the stretching of the ulnar nerve which runs in a groove on the inside facet of the elbow.

“This causes numbness or a tingling sensation within the ring and little fingers, forearm ache, and weak point within the palms – conserving the elbow bent for a very long time.”

Mindy’s last bodily change is probably her most outlandish – she has a second set of eyelids to filter out extreme mild emitted from expertise gadgets.


Kasun Ratnayake from the College of Toledo suggests this radical evolutionary growth might restrict the quantity of dangerous mild our eyes are uncovered to.

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“Humans may develop a larger inner eyelid to prevent exposure to excessive light, or the lens of the eye may be evolutionary developed such that it blocks incoming blue light but not other high wavelength lights like green, yellow or red,” he mentioned.

Whereas the Mindy mannequin is excessive, and designed to shock, it supplies an fascinating visible illustration of a rising physique of scientific analysis.


“Technology gives us convenience, connectivity, entertainment, and so much more – but there is a trade-off,” mentioned Jason O’Brien, COO of, which commissioned the mannequin.

“Overexposure to expertise can generally come to the detriment of our well being.

“Whereas the advantages of expertise to people and companies are too nice to disregard, it is value evaluating your utilization to make sure your well being is not being broken within the long-term.”

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