Ghana’s President, Nana Akufo Addo has pardoned some 808 prisoners across the country’s detention centers.

In a statement the Director-General of the Prisons Service, Patrick Darko Missah said the president “upon recommendation of the Prisons Service Council and in consultation with the Council of State, has already in accordance with Article 72 (1) of the Constitution granted amnesty to Eight Hundred and Eight (808) convict prisoners.”

Prisoners to benefit from this pardon include first time offenders, seriously ill and inmates on death row commuted to life imprisonment.

Inmates serving life sentence commuted to 20 years definite term and very old prisoners ranging from 70 years and above are also to benefit from this pardon.

The statement said “The first offenders totalling 783 who have served half of their sentences, 11 seriously ill prisoners, and three aged (very old) prisoners are to be released outright.

However, seven prisoners on death row would have their sentences commuted to life imprisonment; while four prisoners serving life sentence will be commuted to 20 years definite term.”

Ghana’s Prisons are congested and in recent years efforts have been made to reduce the numbers through various interventions.

Among these interventions is speedy hearing of cases still on remand and granting amnesty to a category of inmates.




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