Ghanaian health experts say a locally produced drug called COA FS could help fight the deadly coronavirus.

The organic antiviral medicine COA FS and COA according to researchers could boost the immune system and naturally fight viruses.

The locally produced food supplement, COA FS has helped users boost their immune systems which may help in the fight against covid 19.

Already some of the drugs have been exported to China where they are believed to have helped people boost their immune systems to fight diseases.

It is produced by the Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission with its lab based in central Ghana.

Its Executive President, Prof. Samuel Ato Duncan has revealed that “We sent 15 boxes of the COA products to China two weeks ago to try coronavirus patients and information reaching us indicate that there have been significant improvement in their conditions.”

Professor Abraham Kwabena Anang, the director at Ghana’s foremost research centre, the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research responded to this claim by telling local news outlet Joy FM that an ongoing clinical tests will determine whether the product can be proven medically for export or not.

“We want to make sure that COA FS is properly tested and assessed. We actually have a process ongoing with a comprehensive stakeholder approach with the Food and Drugs Authority, Centre for Plant Medicine and others,” he said.

He adds that “so we are in the process of putting together the clinical results before we are able to say this medicine is good and can even be exported for HIV, Covid-19 or any viral disease”

“For now the medicine is registered as an immune booster and as an immune booster, we know that for Covid-19 if you have a stronger immune system then there is a better chance of surviving.”

“So if it is an effective immune booster then you can also assume that it can help in the fight but of course unless you use it, you can’t tell,” Prof Anang also said.

Coronavirus has killed over 20,000 people worldwide and infected over 400,000 people.

There are no vaccines yet for the virus but there are other drugs including anti-malarial and HIV/AIDS drugs that are helping other patients to recover.


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