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Kindle 5th Gen

The latest Kindle Oasis retails for $250, and even Prime Day only got the standard Kindle down to $60. They might have the latest bells and whistles, but at the end of the day, they’re just e-readers.

For a more affordable option, today Dailysteals is offering a refurbished Kindle for just $34.99 with our exclusive promo code.

This is the fifth-generation 6-inch Kindle, and one of the most popular. That’s mainly because, unlike your smartphone, e-readers are essentially sole-purpose. Amazon has found it harder to move newer models when this Kindle already lets you enjoy your favorite books.

Lasts up to one month on a single charge.

The Kindle is as small and light as a paperback, but much thinner, and it can hold over 1,000 books. You can download a new book in seconds using the built-in Wi-Fi, and it lasts up to one month on a single charge.

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These are certified refurbished models, meaning they may have cosmetic wear but they’re tested to be fully functional. They come with a 90-day warranty for your peace of mind.

Dailysteals is offering the Kindle for $39.99, but we can save you another five bucks. If you add it to your cart and head to the checkout, you can use the promo code AAKINDLE to knock the price down further to just $34.99.

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Stock is limited, so hit the button below to check out the offer.

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