A shocking video of a family including three young children smoking herbal cigarettes has gone viral.

The bizarre video shows the whole family sat on the floor and puffing away.

Among the smokers were two young boys — one of whom looks to be as young as five years old — who were each holding their own cigarettes.

A woman, with a cigarette in hand, is seen cradling an even smaller child on her lap while she smoked.

A young child is seen smoking

It is claimed the family, in Indonesia, believe inhaling the herbs will help them fight off coronavirus.

A man, who appears to be the one filming, can be heard saying off camera: “In order to resist the coronavirus, we, as a family, are smoking.

“Hopefully, if Allah wills it, covid-19 will be blocked.”

The family think they will be protected from coronavirus

Herbal cigarettes, locally known as rokok sin, are widely available in Indonesia.

Vaccinologist Dirga Sakti Rambe told Detik, a health website in the Asian country: “Quitting or staying away from passive smoking can indirectly prevent covid-19 infection.

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Coronavirus government action explained

“Smokers are actually more at risk of getting infected or have respiratory problems.”

The Ministry for Women Empowerment and Child Protection tweeted on Saturday saying the video showed “irresponsible parenting” and appealed to people to help identify the family involved.

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