Eddie Hearn would rather Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr had ‘a proper tear up’ rather than exhibition fight- but admits it is ‘sad’ to see

Eddie Hearn believes Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr should be allowed to ‘have a proper tear up’ rather than a simple exhibition bout in September.

However, the Matchroom Boxing chief admitted it was sad to see both men even considering getting back into the ring.

Mike Tyson

Tyson will make his second boxing ‘comeback’ against Roy Jones Jr

The world of boxing was stunned last week when Tyson confirmed he was making his return after months of teasing a potential comeback, with four-weight world champion Jones his opponent.

Although the bout was officially confirmed as an eight-round ‘exhibition’ fight, there are concerns the red mist could descend for either man and the friendly fight turns into a bloodbath.

Andy Foster, executive director of the California State Athletic Commission, who’ve sanctioned the fight, told BoxingScene there will be no judges scoring the fight and he doesn’t want them using their best efforts to hurt each other.

“They’re going to spar hard, but they shouldn’t be going for a knockout,” he said.

And with Tyson’s own children reportedly against the bout, Hearn told talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy he can completely understand why.

Roy Jones is a former four-weight world champion

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Roy Jones is a former four-weight world champion

He said: “My youth was watching Mike Tyson come through and it is always sad when you see a guy come through at 50 plus, wanting to come back and fight again for money.

“Let’s have it right; it’s not because he fancies getting punched in the face again, it’s because he wants the money.

“So you would hope that he had made enough in his career to retire gracefully, but he has also earned the right and the respect to basically do what he wants.

“I ain’t going to tell him any different, that’s for sure!

Hearn was speaking to the media from Matchroom Boxing Fight Camp in Essex

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Hearn was speaking to the media from Matchroom Boxing Fight Camp in Essex

“But the only thing I am not comfortable is I don’t want an ‘exhibition’. You shouldn’t be in the ring anyway, but if you’re going to go in the ring do it properly.

“Have a proper tear up, because then at least then I know what I am paying for. I don’t want to pay for something and then all of a sudden they are dancing around, having a chat in the middle of the ring and joking.

“What’s that? Let them go at it, they shouldn’t be doing it and it is dangerous I know. But I would much rather see that than an exhibition where you actually don’t know what we are getting.”

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