Google’s latest smartphones the Pixel 3A and 3A XL have got many of the same features as the premium Pixel 3 but for around half the price – making it the perfect investment for anyone looking to save some cash on a new phone.

Physically it looks very similar to the pricier Pixel 3 and comes with a fingerprint reader, two tone design and bright OLED display with an ‘always-on’ function, so you can see the date and time even when using it in sleep mode.

However Google has cut a few features to make it cheaper, and one of the compromises is its processing power and storage ability – but don’t worry it still retains its amazing camera quality and even has a headphone jack.

For those already impressed with the £399 price tag of the Pixel 3A model, will be even happier to know Currys have slashed the price of the handset both in store and online at even further in its summer ‘Black Tag’ sale event.

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The retailer is selling all colourways of the Pixel 3A for £349 – a saving of £50, and the Pixel 3A XL for £399 instead of £469 – a saving of £70. The mega sale is due to last until 16 July, with price cuts on a number of top electrical and tech brands.

Other retailers have also slashed prices to match Currys and we have listed some of the retailer’s biggest rivals below.

We’ve also found some of the best pay-monthly deals too, so you can get your hands on the model without breaking the bank.

Google Pixel 3A and 3A XL prices:

Google 3A

Google 3A XL

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Pay Monthly

There are a number of Pay Monthly deals if you can’t afford to splash out for the new 3A all at once. There are the best deals from most of the major networks and retailers.

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Carphone Warehouse

  • Google 3A :  £24.99 per month at no upfront cost for 500MB data on iD Mobile.
  • Google 3A XL : £29.99 per month at no upfront cost for 1GB data on iD Mobile

Customers can also snap up a new Google Chromebook worth £199.99 when purchasing either device via redemption.

All of deals will come with a free Acer Chromebook worth £199, so it’s perfect if you’re looking to replace all your gadgets at once. You can see the full list of deals for the 3A 64 GB here , and the 3A XL G4G here .

The Google 3A is available from on Vodafone from £20 for 2GB and an upfront cost of £125, and the 3A XL G4GB is available from £20 for 2GB with an upfront cost of £175.

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On O2, the Google 3A is available from £19 for 1GB with an upfront cost of £100, and the 3A XL is available from £19 with 1GB with an upfront cost of £175.

Finally, on EE the 3A is available from £19 for 1GB with an upfront cost of £125, and the 3A XL is available from £19 for 1GB from £190.

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