From general elections to royal scandals, we’ve had some unforgettable moments occur over the past 365 days.

During all the drama it’s understandable that you might have missed out on or forgotten about some of the smaller, more amusing moments that have taken place.

So, on the final day of the decade, as we prepare to welcome a new year, why not spare a few moments to remind yourself of what a year it really has been.

Here’s a look back at some of the weird and wonderful stories that came out of 2019 – including the bridezilla to end all bridezillas, magic freckles, bum sunning and gross gender reveals.

What was your favourite story of the year? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes cereal

The ‘truth’ about Corn Flakes

Now, Corn Flakes certainly weren’t a new invention this year, but back in August many people discovered something shocking about the breakfast cereal for the very first time.

In a book by Kate Devlin, called Turned On: Science, Sex and Robots, it was claimed that the cereal was created as an “anti-masturbatory morning meal”.

This little tidbit did the rounds on social media, astounding many, but was later thrown out by online fact-checking resource who did some digging into John Kellogg.

In a post on their site, they explained: “According to the available evidence, Corn Flakes were primary created as an easy-to-digest, pre-prepared and healthy breakfast food, in particular for patients at the Kellogg sanitarium in Michigan. The product was never advertised as an ‘anti-masturbatory morning meal’.

“[The phrase] originated instead with a 2012 article by Mental Floss, which reported   that ‘Kellogg developed a few different flaked grain breakfast cereals — including corn flakes — as healthy, ready-to-eat anti-masturbatory morning meals.'”

YouTuber ‘pranks’ followers by kissing his sister

This year we also discovered that there really is very little in life that a social media star won’t share with their followers – including their lip locking antics.

Chris Monroe, a YouTuber known as PrankInvasion, caused a stir back in April after uploading a video of himself kissing a woman he claims is his half sister.

Viewers were left unsettled by the video, which was titled ‘KISSING MY ACTUAL SISTER PRANK’.

In the clip, Chris challenges his sister, a woman named Kaitlyn O’Connor, to play a game with him and if she loses, she has to kiss him.

She lose and the pair make out in a bedroom – and they kiss not just once, but three times.

To make matters worse, Chris later recreated the prank in a second video in which he kisses a woman he says is his mother.

Understandably people were repulsed by the whole thing, with one person commenting: “I feel like I gotta turn myself into the police for watching this.”

Another wrote: “This is gross man. Hell is wrong with y’all?”

Monroe said he and Kaitlyn are half-siblings

Woman baffles with her ‘bum sunning’ ritual

November saw social media users left lost for words after an Instagram influencer named Meagan shared a post about the little-known practice of ‘perineum sunning’.

Meagan uploaded a rather x-rated photo of herself laying flat on her back in the great outdoors, holding her legs in the air in order to get some rays on an area where, according to the popular saying, the sun usually doesn’t shine.

The California resident claims she exposes her perineum to the sun for five minutes every morning and it gives her energy – so much so that she’s been able to ditch coffee for good.

She added that just 30 seconds of the ritual is the “equivalent of a full day of sunlight with your clothes on” and that it should be done between 7am and 9am for best results.

Many people were intrigued by the wellness trend, including Avengers star Josh Brolin, who decided to give it a go for himself.

However things didn’t quite go to plan for the actor, who says he suffered nasty sun burns on his “pucker hole” afterwards.

He said: “Tried this perineum sunning that I’ve been hearing about and my suggestion is DO NOT do it as long as I did.

“My pucker hole is crazy burned and I was going to spend the day shopping with my family and instead I’m icing and using aloe and burn creams because of the severity of the pain. I don’t know who the f*** thought of this stupid s*** but f*** you nonetheless. Seriously.”

Bride cancels wedding after pals donate £23k – but keeps all the money

There were plenty of bridezilla stories to keep us going this year, but one of the most riveting involved a couple named Pam and Edward.

The pair had planned an extremely lavish wedding and had borrowed money from friends and family to pay for it all.

They’d managed to raise £23,000 in donations for the big day, but just as it neared, they decided to call the whole thing off and keep all the money for themselves.

Pam revealed all in a viral post on Facebook : “After much reflection and tear-filled conversation with our closest family members, we have decided to cancel our upcoming winter wedding.

“We thank each and every one of your for your generous donations to our money fund. Can you believe we have raised over $30,000??? Unbelievable!!!

“Don’t worry, the money you’ve donated will not be spent in vain but rather used towards a honeymoon in the coming months.”

She added: “After a honeymoon we will announce a new wedding date and re-open our money fund for any further gifts! Weddings are expensive.

“Please stay tuned! In the meantime, I’ll be updating our gift fund registry on Amazon if anyone would like to gift us something to take on a honeymoon.”

Understandably, the wedding guests on Facebook were furious to find out they wouldn’t be getting their money back – and some threatened to take legal action against the couple.

Pam wasn’t bothered though and hit back by reminding them that it’s no longer their money as that’s “not how donations work”.

She later shared an update revealing how much stress she was under and saying she was going to take a week off to recover.

And the icing on the cake came when she demanded her nearest and dearest to donate any “spa or personal care items” to her home if they cared about her wellbeing. Some people never change!

Meagan shared her ‘bum sunning’ ritual

Disturbing food secrets

As well as the Corn Flakes discovery, we’ve also learned a lot of little-known facts about other popular foods during 2019.

For instance, it came to light in October that bakeries have been keeping a big secret from us all – to do with doughnuts.

Andrew Badcock, the general manager of Donut King, which has a branch in Essex, revealed that some food brands don’t use real jam in their jam doughnuts.

Instead they fill the doughy treats with apple paste or sauce that has been coloured.

This is because it has a natural sweetness but it’s completely smooth – unlike raspberry jam which contains pips.

If that weren’t enough, we also learned that fish and chip shops often don’t actually serve real vinegar , Spaghetti Bolognese is fake news (according to the Mayor of Bologna) and that your morning coffee could contain ground-up cockroaches.

Grossest ever gender reveal

A comedian left the internet feeling pretty grossed out after making a parody video of the popular baby trend.

Paige Ginn, who is known for making videos of herself ‘fake falling over in public’, used a bodily function to inform viewers of baby news.

In the clip, she lies on the floor half naked and can be seen concentrating intensely for a few seconds, before releasing a fart and a cloud of blue smoke along with it.

The video amassed millions of views on Facebook and was also shared on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Ginn captioned the footage “gender reveal”, later adding that “all future gender reveals are cancelled”.

It is not clear whether she, or anyone else in the video was actually pregnant.

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Women warned against inserting ice lollies into their vagina – and garlic, bath bombs, parsley, melted chocolate, etc

Now, you’d think this would be basic common sense, but 2019 saw doctors repeatedly remind women not to insert foreign objects into their vagina.

From garlic, to ice lollies medical experts were forced to issue warnings after women tried some rather surprising and dangerous things at home, including attempting to “vacuum their period”.

Dr Sarah Welsh, the co-founder of HANX condom brand, explained why it was important to keep these items away from the female genitals.

She said: “The vagina is composed of very delicate and sensitive skin, hence things that may seem innocent to other areas of the body, if they come in contact with the vagina, can cause infections, irritations and damage.”

Four-year-old claims he’s ‘the reincarnation of Princess Diana’

Kids say the funniest things, but one young boy has been telling his  parents  something rather unsettling.

According to Australian TV presenter David Campbell, his four-year-old son Billy thinks he is the reincarnation of the late  Princess Diana  – and he claims to remember details from her life.

The 45-year-old parent-of-three recalled that his youngest son first started talking about the famous royal at the age of just two, with the toddler pointing to an image of her on a card and exclaiming, “Look, it’s me when I was a princess.”

Despite not having been taught anything about the  royals,  Billy’s strange comments continued and included one incident where he told his family about having a brother named John (Princess Diana’s brother John died before she was born) and another where he mentioned his two ‘boys’ – i.e.  William  and  Harry.

“He started to refer to his two ‘boys’,” recalls David. “When asked what boys, our then three-year-old would say his ‘sons’. Ok… strange, but sure, mate.”

And if that weren’t enough, the youngster also managed to accurately describe what Balmoral, the Queen’s favourite residence, looked like – without ever having seen it for himself.

The boy’s most recent comment is perhaps the most shocking of all though – as he appears to discuss Diana’s passing.

“Lisa showed him another photo of Diana,” adds David. “‘Billy said: ‘There’s me as a princess. Then one day the sirens came and I wasn’t a princess anymore.'”

The boy claims to be a reincarnation of Princess Diana

Man dates cockroach called Lisa for a year  – before eating her

Earlier this year a man confessed to dating a cockroach he called Lisa  for an entire year.

Yuma Shinohara described the insect as his “first love” and said he fantasised about having sex with her.

He also said that no human girl was as “hot” as Lisa and that they were “110 percent serious” about each other… or at least they were until Lisa died and Yuma ate her.

The 25-year-old from Japan is an entomophagist, which means he advocates eating bugs instead of meat, so felt it was only natural for him to eat his companion.

Afterwards, he said: “Now Lisa lives in my heart and continues living as part of my body.”

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Women freaked out over a ‘magical freckle’

In May, women from all over the world were left baffled when they realised they shared a surprising feature – a freckle near the middle of their wrist.

Thousands took to Twitter to share photos of their weirdly identical freckles, which they’d never noticed before.

It all started when a woman named Aaryn Whitley posted on social media sharing photos of four different people with freckles in the centre of their wrists.

Alongside this, she wrote: “Ladies… u got a freckle on the middle of ur wrist or is this a myth lmao.”

People initially thought it was a joke, until they realised they actually DID have one.

One woman branded it “magical”, while another proclaimed: “This is wild.”

Do you have one?

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